Tarot Myths Debunked

Tarot Myths Debunked

Hello beautiful and divine souls! Welcome to my blog post on the many tarot myths you may have heard floating around over the years. Now, there are A LOT of myths out there, so I will only cover the top few that I hear on a regular basis to save us all some time and energy. Also, keep in mind that all of this is based on my own personal views, values, beliefs, and practices, so if it does not vibe with you, that is OK! Don't worry, I am not the divination police, and the more you learn and read about tarot, the more you will be able to create your own ideas and beliefs over time, too. So, let's jump right in!

  1. Your tarot reader can tell you when you and/or someone you know will die: This is a MYTH. Tarot is used as a medium that we as readers can use as a sacred tool to help bridge the divide between Source ( the Universe, Goddess, your Guides, Angels, Fae Folk, etc) and our own 3D realm. If a reader EVER tries to tell you this, get up and leave, ASAP. A tarot reading should not leave you feeling fearful or scared. It should leave you feeling informed, empowered, and hopeful. Not to say that sometimes tough things will come up in your reading, they will, and they should, you want your reader to be honest. However, is it my ethical belief that Tarot should be solution-focused, NOT problem-focused.
  2. You cannot buy your own deck: This is a MYTH. I honestly do not know when or where this came from or why, but it is completely bananas. Go out there and buy whatever damn deck makes you happy! If you're interested in a post on how to choose a deck, let me know, and I can write up a few tips!
  3. All tarot readers are psychic or witches: this is a MYTH. Okay guys, so tarot again is a wonderfully insightful tool that can be used in many different ways by many different types of people. People use it for divination, for creative purposes, for healing, for therapy, for ALL sorts of situations. You do not have to be Wiccan, Pagan, Psychic, or anything else for that matter to read tarot. All you need is to be yourself, your own divine self, with a pure and positive intention, and you can read the tarot! I personally, am nondenominational in my beliefs and practices, and borrow beliefs from a variety of faiths and structures, simply put, I would just call myself a spiritual person. Don't feel like you need to fit into any certain box to be allowed to get out there and try tarot or oracle cards. Not to say, that over time you may develop psychic abilities or feel drawn to a Pagan or Wiccan path because you certainly might! Tarot WILL open new doors and ways of seeing yourself and the world around you.
  4. You have to know ALL 78 meanings in order to read tarot: this, also, is a MYTH: Y'all it is OK if you want to memorize the cards, and it is OK if you do not want to memorize the card meanings. There are SO many wonderful books about the card meanings, and ways to read each card, so it is okay if you don't memorize before you start reading for yourself and friends! It took me several years of reading cards before I felt confident in reading without my book handy. I still read books on card meanings to continue to deepen my knowledge of the cards. Now, I would not recommend charging money for readings unless you know at least the basic meaning of each card, but that is my own opinion and a post for another day!

And there we have it, divine beings! Those are the top 4 myths about tarot that I hear on a regular basis! Hopefully, this has helped simplify your tarot journey and has helped to put your mind at ease. Now go get out there and read some tarot!

What tarot myths have you heard? Be sure to share below!

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