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Bundle Readings

Bundle Readings

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Bundling your readings is a great way to save money while gaining extra support and guidance for a specific period of time or through a specific situation or goal.

This is for you if you are committed to working through a transition in your life, working towards a long or short-term goal, to give as a gift, or maybe you want to kickstart new projects or relationships. This is a spiritual investment and will give you more control, certainty, and clarity.

When you bundle your readings it will include, a 30-minute reading on an area, topic, or question of your choice for each month, or session of your bundle. You can choose to bundle your readings for several months, or for several sessions that can be booked at any time.

They can be live through a 1:1 Zoom call with me, or they can be done remotely. This means you do not have to be present for the reading. You will send me what you want the reading on, and I will record the reading and send you a link to watch it, on your own time, through email. 

You can choose to bundle all tarot or all faery readings, or mix them up and let me know month-to-month. 

Upon checkout, we will be in close contact so we can coordinate all the details for you.

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